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The ultimate resource for today's professional investigator; a place where the recognized experts in this profession share their knowledge, training and experience with each other - and those who are trying to learn. Come to learn, come to share what you have learned elsewhere, and please... bring a sense of humor!
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This is the place where experts learn from other experts and novice investigators can ask those "stupid" questions they've always wanted to ask without fear of ridicule and derision.

New Investigator is a listserv comprised of some of the most talented, experienced and dedicated investigators in the world. Established in early 1999, it remains one of the few professional PI groups that have withstood the test of time, where your posts are unmoderated and uncensored, and where members are not removed for expressing their point of view or simply disagreeing with someone - even the owner!

Above all, this is the place to be if you are a private investigator who is serious about this profession and want to communicate, network, debate, discuss investigative issues and learn from other professional investigators. There is nothing for sale here and membership is FREE!

Note: New_Investigator@yahoogroups is for licensed investigators, active investigators in states that do not require licensing and related professionals only - it is NOT open to the general public!

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"... one of the best and most informative/controversial lists amongst professionals."
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