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Private Investigation - one of the fastest growing career fields in the United States and elsewhere.

  • Private Investigator - Hard nosed, street-smart detective
  • Sweet-talking angel with a phone
  • Computer geek master of cyberspace
  • International Agent-Provocateur
  • Numbers crunching forensic accountant
  • Database master & wielder of the boolean sword

This is a professional list for today's Private Investigator; a place where the recognized experts in this profession share their knowledge, training and experience with each other - and those who are trying to learn.

This list is the place where experts learn from other experts, and novice investigators can ask those "stupid" questions they've always wanted to ask, but didn't, for fear of ridicule by more "seasoned" investigators on other lists.

This is not a place for children, the delusional, or the unlicensed. This is not the place to promote gadgets and gimmickry that does not work in the field. This is not the place for the timid, and faint-of-heart; professional investigators often talk like professional investigators and they tend to call bovine excrement pretty much what it is.

Above all, this is the place to be if you are serious about this profession and want to communicate, network and learn from other professional investigators without having to deal with the moderation and censorship that exists on other lists. Subscription is FREE, and with few exceptions for those in related fields, open ONLY to licensed investigators and active investigators in states which do not require licensure.

Here are the Rules:

  • Compliance with your state/local licensure requirements; and
  • Signature lines are mandatory on all posts; and
  • Profanity, spamming or over-advertising are not permitted; and
  • Ridicule and derision WILL NOT be directed at novice investigators; and
  • The use of "free" email addresses such as Hotmail or Yahoo are not permitted without prior approval from the list owner. Please use the email address supplied to you by your Internet Service Provider.

Come to learn, come to share what you have learned elsewhere, and please... bring a sense of humor!!

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"... one of the best and most informative/controversial lists amongst professionals."
Edwin Hodges
Peregrine International, Inc. (TX)


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